Production cost of Samsung Galaxy S4 is $244

Stephane Touboul - Production cost of Samsung Galaxy S4 is $244

If you want to know how much individual cost each component built into the Samsung Galaxy S4 and what the approximate cost of its production is, and if you like numbers and you wonder how much you can save by produce Galaxy S4 “on your own”, in this table you can find out all the details, says Stephane Touboul.

From the attached photo we can see that Galaxy S4 now costs $244, which is slightly more than $236, which was the production cost of S3. Well, after reading this information, you are free to get angry at Samsung, but also to any other manufacturer as they charge their mach more than its production cost.

 Stephane Touboul - Production cost of Samsung Galaxy S4

Why the sarcasm? Well, every time a new iPhone comes out or some popular mobile device, iSupply comes with its assumptions about the possible cost of producing that same device, and many of the consumers of this information immediately rise up on their hind legs.

All the aspects are broken down to the smallest detail, and thanks to this team we are available to have a peek to the approximate cost of all components. But what does that mean to us? The answer is – absolutely nothing. The thing that now we know the production price of Exynos Octa 5 processor or that of Super AMOLED display and that iSupply assumed production costs will not get us too happy. What iSuplly did not take into account when concluding the overall price whole are the other expenses that arise from placing the device in a box until its being delivered to the end customer, adds Touboul.

So, we all know how the system we live in operates, and that there are many depend costs that in such analyzes were not included.

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